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We are a digital logistics service

Today, data in the marine sector is fragmented.

GotSurge is building an open & inclusive digital logistics platform to modernise supply logistics. Our objective is to enable end-to-end tracking & visibility of ship supplies logistics by consolidating the scattered delivery-relevant data onto a single dashboard by integrating with ports, ship management software, trucking data, and ship positioning information.


Optimise and accelerate your operations through end-to-end tracking & visibility of ship supplies logistics: from order placement to receipt by seafarers on each vessel. No more fragmented data.


Easily manage your delivery needs on one secure platform with Squad™


For Transport-Partners

GotSurge allows all drivers — whether as transporter crew or freelancers — to deliver orders on demand. Get full access to delivery orders from businesses securely. 

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For growing businesses

GotSurge gives more options to businesses with growing delivery volumes and order surges. We give you, the business owner, full access to professional drivers, and let you set the price for each broadcast.

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