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Simplified & efficient deliveries on Land & Sea.

Today, data in the marine sector is fragmented.

GotSurge revolutionises logistics with seamless delivery solutions for ship supplies, inland cargo, and everything in between. Our robust platform connects you with a vast network of reliable and professional Transport-Partners and optimizes routes for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Unlike competitors who settle for land, GotSurge understands the unique demands of ship supply deliveries. We ensure swift and secure transport of essential supplies to vessels, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency

Empowering Efficient Deliveries for a Sustainable Future


Ensure timely and reliable delivery of critical ship supplies directly to vessels: from order placement to receipt by seafarers on each vessel. No more fragmented data.


Easily manage your delivery needs on one secure platform with Squad™


For Transport-Partners

GotSurge allows all drivers — whether as transporter crew or freelancers — to deliver orders on demand. Get full access to delivery orders from businesses securely. 

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For growing businesses

GotSurge gives more options to businesses with growing delivery volumes and order surges. We give you, the business owner, full access to professional drivers, and let you set the price for each broadcast.

Benefits for All

Happier customers

Get your products to your customers faster with real-time tracking and improved communication.

Reduced Costs

Minimise fuel consumption, streamline operations, and potentially reduce overall delivery costs.

Increased Efficiency

Free up yourself and team up with reduced administrative tasks, and gain valuable data-driven insights to improve your overall delivery strategy.

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Supporting a Sustainable Future

Choose EVs

You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment with DrivEV.

Maximise environmental impact

Be part of the revolution incorporating electric boats into our delivery network with MarinEV.

Make the switch

Ensure your business is equipped to support sustainable EV operations with charging solutions by ChargEV.

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