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Earn more income

Delivery fees depend on the price businesses set – the price per completed delivery order could range from $2 to $15 or as high as $50! We only charge 5% commission fees to help ensure your earnings stability.

Batched orders to residential units

The bulk of orders are from micro merchants and home-based businesses delivering to end consumers. Orders are batched for pickup for your convenience. If you’re fast, you can deliver to up to 40 locations a day. In other words, you could earn up to $200 a day.

Look out for notifications on new broadcasts.

Deliver high-quality orders

We work hard to secure higher-quality delivery orders on our platform so that you only get the best at the fairest price.


Join a Squad™!

Partner with Merchants whose requirements you are already familiar with. Yes – that includes your hustler spouse, family and friends who have home-based businesses! #supportlocal

Support businesses by joining their Squad™. No fees – every dollar they pay is a dollar you make. Drivers can join unlimited number of Squads.

Less distraction

Avoid distractions from Telegram, Whatsapp and Facebook messaging apps – merchants will always be anxious for updates. However, they can view your progress and location from their app instead. Focus on the road and keep your hands (and ears) free. 

How it works

How it works

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