Reliable and hassle-free

Get full access to hundreds of drivers and get your growing volumes sorted.
The last thing you want is an unfulfilled or delayed delivery.

Scale delivery operations up and down as your business needs

Schedule same-day deliveries at your own smart-price​.

Everyone wins with orders fulfilled

Happier customers

Send customers their box of happiness so that they return for more.

Transparent Price

Set the price of your delivery costs more reasonably. Drivers are not forced to comply with unfair pricing.

Flexible Operations

Free up yourself and team up. Get your orders sorted faster with less headcount.

The last thing you want is an unfulfilled or delayed delivery

GotSurge gives more options to merchants with growing delivery volumes. We give you, the business owner, full access to professional drivers, and let you set the price for your orders.

Merchant using laptop (illustration)

Speed & Reliability

GotSurge lets you bid your price automatically so your expectations are set up front. No surprises for you and your customers. For your business, unlock your same-day delivery options with no locked prices.

Scale delivery operations faster

Eliminate the hassle of continuous vetting and sourcing for delivery providers, as well as hire and run delivery operations on your own. Broadcast to drivers immediately and focus on satisfying your customer demands.

GotSurge – Connecting merchants and drivers

Get ahead of your competition

Avoid abandoned shopping carts by reducing shipping time on your terms. Gratify your customers with full visibility of all their deliveries.

Get live updates of deliveries

Crowdsourcing delivery to your friends’ friends, but you’re always bugging them for progress. And your customers are chasing, making you restless. Avoid uncertainty — monitor your orders right at your fingertips with confidence.

Island-Wide Coverage

GotSurge delivers across all Singapore districts, we’ve got you covered, no matter where you need to send something.

Delivering to Vessels at sea? Our Marine service is for you:

Our Standard Service is for:


Streamline your operations and ensure your products reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

Busy Professionals

Free up your valuable time to focus on other priorities.


Send a document to a colleague across town or furniture to your new apartment.

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